Stammbaum Willow vom Wasenwald, geb. 24. 08. 2001

red-silver-classic-tabby MCO ds 22

Eltern Großeltern Ur-Großeltern Ur-Ur-Großeltern
Ch. Monashees Limit in Red



CH Cenaida's Moritz



EC Capecoon's Easyrider II MCO n 22 Willowplce Easy Rider MCO-n-22
CH Capecoon's Daytona MCO-n-22
Monashees Mood Indigo MCO g 22 EC Willowplce Red Sails MCO-d-22
IC. Rivendell's Calamity Jane MCO-n-22
Willowplace Flash Dancer


MCO f 09 22

Supr. GC Willowplace Shadrack MCO n 22 GC Hillside Mr. Spock MCO-n-23
CH. Willoplace Rhapsody in Blue MCO a 22
Willowplace Miss Scarlett MCO d 09 23 Kitywin Kacey MCO-d-09-23
Willowplace China Doll MCO-f-09-22
Hussy-Cherry the Fabulous


MCO fs 22

ECWoodpecker's Montgomery

red-silver-tipped+white MCO ds 09 12

Euro Ch. Nonsuch Geoffrey MCO-ns 09 23 Heidi-Ho's Jonathan MCO-n-09-23
Gemutlichkat Lotte MC-ns
CH Anna vom Opel-Dienst MCO f 09 21 EC Bela-Moscau vom Itascasee MCO d 22
CH.Jasmin v. Anatolien MCO-n-09-21

Lady Elektra Bellamy von Stresemann

black-silver-classic-tabby MCO ns-22

CH Silvercoon's Big-Brown-Boy MCO-n-22 EC Calif of Charmingcat MCO-ns-22
Dunja von de Viloh MCO-ns
Lavinia von Stresemann MCO-ns-22 Wodan Lord of Chandoran MCO ns
Soera von Stresemann MCO-a-22
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