Gino of Limaho's Castle 08. November 05  blue-cl-t/white MCO a 22 09

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IC Angelo of Limaho's Castle


MCO d 22 09

03.Juni 04

HCM neg. in Test und Schall


Ch Diamond of Canpaza
red-mc-tabby MCO d 23
04. Februar 02
HCM neg. in Test und Schall
Ch. Apollo vom Höpental
MCO n 23 09
Vier v. Höpental, MCO n 09 23 Flying Dutchman Flash in Red, MCO d 09 22
Queeny-Lee v. Höpental, MCO n 09 23
Flying Dutchman Darlyn, MCO ns 09 22 GIC Silvercoon Rashka Khan, MCO ns,
Gismo v. Höpental, MCO ny 09 22
Paradise Garden's Tokessa
MCO f 22
Paradisegarden Osmin, MCO d 22 CH Wyndabbey Cool of Paradisegarden, MCO n 22
CH Cooncolonia India, MCO f 21
GIC Moment's Forever v. Eski-Van, MCO n 22, IC Rockies Travelling Mad, MCO n 09 22
Thundercats Poison Ivy, MCO f 09 23,
IC Eve of Händels Bandits
torbie-cl/wh MCO f 22 09
04. März 02
HCM neg. in Test und Schall
US.Ch. Mellicoon's Aramis
MCO d 22 09
US Ch/GIC  Magic Merlin's Boccachio MCO n 22 GEC Bright Star A Piece of Luck, MCO n 22
GEC Utopia of Mount Mac Kinley, MCO n,
CH Magic Merlins Daiquiri
MCO es 22 09
GP WCH Fountain Farm Scotty of Magic Merlin, MCO d 09 22
WCH Eileen of Black Sunbeams, MCO gs 22
Ch. Cassandra of Händels Bandits
MCO n 22 09
Pr. Int/Ch.Int. Capecoons Eshley
MCO n 22 09
Weysha C.B. of Ledgewood, MCO n 09 22
Capecoon Renata, MCO n 09 22
GIC Bijou of Händes Bandits
Andrew v. Weidebusch
Alina Asja de la Estacion
Ch. Allure's Gypsy


MCO a 23 09


HCM neg. in Test und Schall

Eur. Ch. Pahokee's Joshua Tree
Pahokee's Purple-Rain
Tara Wolf-Maine, MCO a MtKittery Arapahoe, MCO a 22
Chilbrook Kumori of Taramaine, MCO g
Tara Black Mamba, MCO n Tara Wolf-Maine, MCO a
Willowplace Meddybems of Taramaine, MCO n,
Willowplace Roxanne
GC SaintClouds Silverdude of Willowplace, MCO ns 22 SGC Calicoon Prince Valiant, OS, MCO ns 22
QGC SaintClouds Diamond Lil, MCO ns 09 23
CH Willowplace Legendary Facsimile, MCO n 22 GC Hillside Mr Spock of Willowplace, MCO n 23
SGC Willowplace Renaissance Woman, MCO n 22
Gr. Int. Ch. Fairy Queen of Pilgrim's City
FIFé & World Ch. Cynran Zatarain Yazoo
CH Osuzana Here Comes Trouble, MCO d 22, Jokatta Beau Matou of Osuzana, MCO n 22
Cajuncoons Sassy Sadie of Osuzana, MCO e 22
Cynran Lollapalooza, MCO n 23, CH Cynran Blu Can B Beautiful Too, MCO a 22,
Cynran Noel, MCO f 23
Ch. Yankee Pearl's Champagne
GIC Frolicoon Rebel Without A Cause, MCO n 09 22 CH Tuftsntails Spark Plug of Kumskaka, MCO ns 09 22,
CH Frolicoon Suzuki, MCO n 09 23
Capecoon Chippawa, MCO n 22 Willowplace Easy Rider of Capecoon, MCO n 22,
Capecoon Chantal, MCO n 22
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